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A Pair of Tibetan Tantric Paintings, Early 19th C.
Set of Three Tibetan Tantric Paintings, Early 19th C.
Bronze Plate, Greece, Ca. 6th Century BC
Sassanian Cylinder Seal, Ca. 5th Century
Rare Steatite Seal, Indus, Ca. 2000 BC
Miniature Altar Dedicated to Goddess Annapurna, Ca. 17th C.
Glass Medallion, Bactria, Ca. 1st Century BC
Bronze Relief Fragment, Grece, 8th to 4th Century BC
Miniature "ghau", Tibet, 19th C.
Rare Statue of a Yakshi, India, Ca. 2nd Century BC
Important Phoenician Mosaic Glass Alabaster
Rare & Important Tibetan Mask of Mahakala
A Pair of Statues of Taoist Deities, Qing Dynasty
Bronze Belt Buckle, Burma, Early 19th C.
Architectural Element, India, Early 19th C.
Himalayan Statue of a Female Protector.
Statue of Protector, Himalaya, Early 20th C.
Ancient Statue of Himalayan Protector, 19th C.