Primitive and
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Silver Ritual Drum, Tibet, 19th C.
Miniature Statue of Goddess Annapurna, India, 17th C.
Rare Gilt Bronze Citipati Mask, Tibet, 18th Century
Statue of a Taoist Deity, China, Yuan/Early Ming Dynasty
Ritual Drum Handle, Nepal, Early 20th C.
Bronze Oil Lamp, India, Early 19th C.
Small Korwar, Indonesia, Cenderawasi Bay
Small Himalayan Statue of a Protector
Himalayan Mask, Rare Shape
Gilt Bronze Miniature Statue of Padmapani, China, Tang Dynasty
Small Gilt Copper Statue of Padmasambhava, Tibet, 19th C.
Miniature Statue of God Shiva, India, Ca. 16th/17th C.
Hindu Pendant, India, 18th C.
Gilt Bronze Citipati Head, Tibet, 19th Century
Yoni Lingam Holy Water Offering Vessel, India, Early 19th C.
Statue of Chao Kung Ming, God of Wealth, China, 19th C.
Important Statue of Sadaksari Avalokitesvara, Tibet, 16th C.
Household Statue of Hindu Deity, Himalayas, Early 19th C.