Primitive and
Miniature Statue of Green Tara, Tibet, Early 20th C.
Buddhist Altar, China, Late 19th C.
Brush Case, Tibet, 19th C.
Statue of a Horseman, India, 19th Century
Important Dukun Ritual Mask, Indonesia, Early 20th C.
Very Rare Ancient Korwar, Cenderwasih Bay Region
Rare Sutra Book Cover, Tibet, 19th C.
Ancient Mask, India, Early 20th C.
Statue of Hindu God Vitthal, India, Early 19th C.
Rare Himalayan Mask, Early 20th C.
A Pair of Portraits Of A Noble Man & A Noble Lady, China, Qing Dynasty
Important Sutra book, Burma, 19th Century
Fertility Goddess Statue, Indus Valley Civilisation
Small Gilt Bronze Buddhist Altar, China, Northern Wei
Rare Gilt Bronze Plate, Bactrian Civilisation, 4th C.
Gilt Bronze Statue of Vishnu, India, Late 19th C.
Ancient Statue of Kannon, Japan, Edo Period
Rare & Important Himalayan Mask, early 19th C.