Primitive and
Important Statue of Avalokiteshvara, Cambodia, Khmer, Ca. 13th C.
Important Statue of Sadaksari Avalokitesvara, Tibet, 16th C.
Important & Rare Gilt Bronze Belt Hook, China, Warring States Period
Ancient Bhairava Mask, Nepal, 17th C.
Rare & Important Statue of Buddha, Early Ming Dynasty, 14th Century
Rare Gilt Bronze Plate, Bactrian Civilisation, 4th C.
Rare Statue of a Yakshi, India, Ca. 2nd Century BC
Important Mahakala Mask, Bhutan, 19th C.
Important Mask of Mahakala, Bhutan or Tibet, 18th C.
Important Sutra book, Burma, 19th Century
Statue of Bodhisattva Manjusri, China, Ming Dynasty
Important & Rare Orang-Outang Adorned Skull, Dayak Peoples
Important Gilt Bronze Gourd,Gandhara, Ca. 4th C.
Important & Rare Citipati Bronze Plate, Tibet, 19th/20th C.
Statue of Wenshu, China, Late Yuan/Early Ming Dynasty
Important Statue of Indra, Nepal, Early 19th C.
Rare Group of Three Tang Dynasty Belt Plates
Rare Miniature Buddhist Stupa, Gandhara, Ca. 3rd C.