Primitive and
Statue of a Taoist Deity, China, Ming Dynasty
Islamic Bracelet 1, Bronze, 19th C.
Islamic Bracelet 2, Bronze, 19th C.
Small Architectural Ornament, Himalayan Region
Statue of a Buddhist Holy Man, China, 18th C.
Lime Box 2, Tibet, 18th C.
Rare Bird Perch # 1, Himalayan Region
Rare Bird Perch # 2, Himalayan Region
Unusual and Very Old Mask, Himalayan Region
Highly Unusual Himalayan Mask, 19th C.
Rare & Unusual Himalayan Mask, Early 20th C.
Large Himalayan Mask, Early 20th C.
Statue of Crowned Buddha, Burma, 17th C.
Rare Bronze Statue, Borneo Island, Dayak Peoples
Important Helmet Mask, Ekoi Peoples, early 20th C.
Statue of Crowned Buddha, Tibet, 16th C.
Ancient India Bulletin, No 1, Jan. 1946
Ancient India Bulletin, No 2, July 1946