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Relief Fragment Gandhara Graeco-Buddhist Art, Ca. 3rd Century
Statue of Krishna, India, Early 19th Century
Glass Cup, China, 18th Century
Ritual Spoon, India, Early 19th Century
Fine Opium Box, China, 19th Century
Relief Fragment, Gandhara, Ca. 3rd Century
Rare Steatite Seal, Indus Valley Civilisation
Phoenician Mosaic Glass Alabastron
Important Bronze Plate, Gandhara, 1st to 5th C.
Important Gilt Bronze Statue of Vajradhara, Nepal, 15th to 16th C.
Gilt Bronze Head of Buddha, Burma, 18th C.
Celadon Ceramic Jar, Sawankhalok Kilns, Ca. 16th C.
Gilt Bronze Statue of Buddha, Nepal, 15th/16th C.
Miniature Gilt Bronze Statue of a Lokapala, China, Tang Dynasty
Old Naga Tribal Necklace, India
Important Pectoral Necklace, Naga Tribes, India
Head Hunter Necklace, Naga Ethnic Group, India
Old Naga Necklace