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Statue of Crowned Buddha, China, Early Qing Dynasty
Rare & Important Papua New Guinea Mask
Glass cup, China, Qing Dynasty, Ca. 18th Century
Funeral Mirror, China, Jin Dynasty
Important Betel Nut Crusher, Indonesia, 19th C.
Funeral Mirror, Jin Dynasty
Funeral Mirror, Tang Dynasty
Funeral Mirror, Han Dynasty
Miniature Gilt Bronze Statue of a Lokapala, China, Tang Dynasty
Chlorite Buddhist Stupa, Gandhara, Ca. 3rd Century
A Fine Glass Vase, China, Qing Dynasty, 18th C.
A Rare Miniature Buddhist Amulet, Gandhara, Ca. 3rd Century
Rare Glass statue of Buddha Vajrasattva, China, Qing Dynasty
Important Bronze Vase, China, Shang Dynasty
Noh Theater Mask, Japan, 19th Century
Ivory Statue of Poet Li Bai, China, End of 19th Century
Rare & Important Statue of Buddha, Early Ming Dynasty, 14th Century
Schist Cosmetic Plate, Gandhara, Ca; 1st C.