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Old Naga Tribal Necklace, India
Important Pectoral Necklace, Naga Tribes, India
Head Hunter Necklace, Naga Ethnic Group, India
Old Naga Necklace
Important Naga Necklace
Naga Tribe Necklace
Fine Naga Necklace
Bronze Head of Buddha, Gandhara, Ca. 3rd Century
Ivory and Gourd Cricket Cage, China, 19th C.
Rare Miniature Buddhist Stupa, Gandhara, Ca. 3rd C.
Bronze Pendant, Gandhara, Ca 3rd C.
Miniature Statue of a Buddhist Devotee, China, Ming Dynasty
Bronze Rhyton, Mesopotamian Civilisation, Ca. 2000 BC
Bronze Amulet, China, Tang Dynasty
Gilt Bronze Small Statue of Bodhisattva Manjusri, Tibet, 18th C.
Ancient Bronze Bowl, Bactria, 2nd Century BC
A Group of Three Jeweler's Moulds, India, 19th C.
Statue of a Taoist Deity, China,Qing Dynasty