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Large Bronze Bust of Parvati Mukhalinga
Rare Gilt Bronze Pendant, Bactria, Ca. 6th Century BC
Important & Rare Citipati Bronze Plate, Tibet, 19th/20th C.
Small Gilt Bronze Buddhist Altar, China, Northern Wei
Rare Gilt Bronze Plate, Bactrian Civilisation, 4th C.
Gilt Bronze Statue of Vishnu, India, Late 19th C.
Important & Rare Gilt Bronze Belt Hook, China, Warring States Period
Bronze Statue of Kuan Yin, China, Yuan/Early Ming Dynasty
Important Gilt Bronze Pendant; Bactria, Ca. 6th C. BC
Rare Gilt Bronze Half of a Military Tally, China, Early Ming Dynasty
Rare Bronze Ring, Gandhara
Very Rare Miniature Statue of Kuan Yin, China,Ca. 6th C.
Rare Miniature Statue of a Lion, China, Ming Dynasty
A Group of Three Gilt Bronze Mat Weights, China, Han Dynasty
Very Rare Quiver & Arrows, Cameroon, Early 20thC.
Miniature Altar to Shiva & Parvati, India, 17th/18th C.
Important Gilt Bronze Gourd,Gandhara, Ca. 4th C.
Statue of Goddess Shridevi, India, 18th C.